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Exploring gorges du tarn And aveyron

Canoë gorges du tarn campsite is ideally located for sightseeing in our region, aveyron, which is packed with outstanding sites, foods and history.

When you come to canoë gorges du tarn campsite, you will fall in love with the place and the region. You’ll come once, and want to come again! 


Viaduct of Millau Bridge of all records

The stunning construction of the Viaduct of Millau crosses the Tarn valley, between the Causse du Larzac and the plateaus of Lévézou. Besides the architecture that elegantly mingles with the unspoiled landscape of the south Aveyron, this bridge has exceptional dimensions. It is the world’s highest road bridge. The central pillar culminates 343 metres, making is higher than the Eiffel tower. The viaduct is visible from motorway A75 or from the Plateau du Larzac.

Micropolis Land of insects

Ce parc à thème propose un parcours scénographique avec des informations sur le monde des insectes. Accessible à tous les âges. Dans les 15 salles d'exposition, vous pourrez admirer différentes espèces d'insectes et découvrir la vie des insectes lors d'un film en 3D.

Roquefort Land of cheese

The village of Roquefort is set against a cliff and is a symbol for gourmets. In these caves the famous Roquefort cheese is made. A visit to one of the cheese makers is definitely worth it, to taste this local speciality.

Ch‚teau de Peyrelade Perched fortress

The Château de Peyrelade is set on a rock dominating the Tarn valley. In the Middle Ages, it was one of the most important fortresses of the Rouergue. During a visit to this castle in reconstruction, perched above the Tarn river and Peyrelade, you’ll find vaulted rooms, the castle ramparts, the draw-bridge and the spectacular donjon. Along a scenographic trail you’ll discover the way of life during the Middle Ages.

La couvertoirade Knights templar city-state

In the middle of the larzac plateau, surrounded by unspoilt expanses, la couvertoirade emerges like a mirage. Sheltered by its ramparts sits a perfectly preserved medieval village. This charming place is one of the most beautiful villages in france. It is also part of the larzac knights templar and knights hospitaller route linking a series of villages built by the two orders, including the villages of cavalerie and st-eulalie-de-cernon. 

AbÓme de bramabiau Underground canyon

Between grands causses and the aigoual mountain range, under the camprieu limestone plateau, the river bonheur’s water has carved out the rock to create a surprising, majestic, stunning underground canyon. 

Aven Armand Underground jewel

The Aven Armand is a hidden treasure set under the Causse Méjean. Tens of metres under the ground, water and time have created a stunning museum of nature, with masterly stalagmites and stalactites. In the main chamber with exceptional dimensions (the Notre Dame cathedral of Paris would fit in!) an exceptional light show is held, bringing even more magic to the place.

Cirque de navacelles A natural phenomenon

On the larzac limestone plateau, the river vis has carved out an enormous crater. The view is impressive from above. But there is more to see than the views from the lookout points above this deep gash in the rock. Continue down to the little village tucked in its hollow and admire the delightful waterfall fed by the vis. When summer gets too hot, you can cool off here while dangling your feet in the refreshing water. 

Le Point Sublime Highest point of Gorges du Tarn

La rivière Tarn a creusé un canyon géant dans les plateaux calcaires des Grands Causses, entre Aveyron et Lozère, offrant des rochers éblouissants. Pour admirer la beauté de ce Grand Site de France, le meilleur point de vue est celui du Point Sublime, dominant un méandre du Tarn, offrant un grand panorama sur les gorges.